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About Christian Science

In 1866, after many years of Bible study, hardship, and prayer, Mary Baker Eddy discovered the laws of spiritual healing. These laws are the same ones that Christ Jesus applied and taught to his disciples, and were practiced by the early Christians until the third century A.D. Eventually these laws of healing were lost or forgotten. Mrs. Eddy's discovery rekindled the capacity of Christians to heal through spiritual means alone.

Mary Baker Eddy is the Discoverer of Christian Science. She wrote Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and founded The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts.

For many years before founding the Christian Science movement, Mrs. Eddy practiced these laws by healing herself and others. Many of the people she healed had been given up as incurable by the medical profession of the day. 

The Bible and the Christian Science Textbook are the Pastor of our church.

In 1875 she published the book that systematically explains the healing laws she discovered: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. It was an immediate success and went through many subsequent printings, continuing on to the present day.

In her day, those who read the book and were healed, soon began to form churches and hold services to worship God and to follow Christ Jesus as the Son of God and the Way-shower. In 1879 Mrs. Eddy organized The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts (also known as The Mother Church), as the central church with local community churches formed as its branches. Our church in Chagrin Falls is one of the branches of The Mother Church.

The church headquarters is located in Boston. To the right is the original church building erected in 1894. To the left is the extension, which was completed in 1906.

From this simple beginning the Christian Science movement now has branch churches and Reading Rooms worldwide. Through this church organization, thousands of free talks on Christian Science are presented each year. A publishing society produces a wide array of publications: the Christian Science Quarterly Weekly Bible LessonsThe Christian Science Journalwhich comes out monthly; the weekly Christian Science Sentinel; and the Pulitzer Prize-winning Christian Science Monitor, which provides a weekly news magazine as well as The Monitor Daily, a curated week-daily offering of news stories. It also publishes The Herald of Christian Science in fourteen languages, as well as the weekly podcast Sentinel Watch. You may access all of these publications — almost all of them including an audio component — via JSH-Online.

Mrs. Eddy's textbook is still one of the top-selling religious book titles and can be found in most bookstores, retail book websites, and public libraries, as well as in Christian Science Reading Rooms.

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